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BOX 42, RR #1
TELEPHONE: (306) 731-3298

MEDIA Fabric based works
Paper works/Artists’ books(*)

BORN Regina, Saskatchewan

1972 B. of Education, Univ. of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario
1970 B. of Fine Arts, Univ. of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA

All exhibitions are of fabric-based works unless otherwise indicated with an (*) which indicates a book-based exhibition.

2016   70/70 Vision. MATA Gallery, Regina, SK
            - Two back-to-back retrospective exhibitions, 1978-present
2015   Patterns of Excitation. MATA Gallery, Regina, SK
2013   Interdependencies. Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina Public Library, Sherwood Branch, Regina, SK.
2013   Mandalas and Interdependencies. Mysteria Gallery, Regina, SK
2009   Trees, Scott Gallery, Edmonton, AB       
2007   Power of Place, McIntyre Gallery, Regina, SK
2007   The Turned Land, McIntyre Gallery, Regina, SK
2005-07   Survivors, OSAC (Organization of Sask. Arts Councils), Regina, SK Touring exhibition
– 27 venues across the province.
2004   Prairie Portraits, McIntyre Gallery, Regina, SK
2003   Envisioning the Whole, McKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, SK
2002   Evidence of Life, Blackberry Gallery, Port Moody Arts Centre, Port Moody, BC
2002   Explorations I, II & III, McIntyre Gallery, Regina, SK
1999   In This Place, McIntyre Gallery, Regina, SK
1998   Life Patterns, McIntyre Gallery, Regina, SK
1998   Trees of Life, Rosemont Art Gallery, Regina, SK
1998*   Whimsies & Ephemera (*), Indigo Print & Paperworks, Edmonton,AB
1997   Shedding Her Skin, Waterstone Gallery, Portland, Oregon, US
1996   Of the Spirit, McIntyre Gallery, Regina, SK
1995*   Books: Words For It (*), Indigo Print &Paperworks, Edmonton, AB
1994   Coming Home, McIntyre Gallery, Regina, SK
1992   From Heather’s Garden, McIntyre Gallery, Regina, SK
1990   Voices of our Ancestors, McIntyre Gallery, Regina, SK
1989   Woman Words, McIntyre Gallery, Regina, SK
1987   Computer Connections, McIntyre Gallery, Regina, SK


2015   Quilt National’15. The Dairy Barn, Athens, OH (International Touring Exhibition)
2013   Prairie Reconstruction. OSAC (Organization of SK Arts Councils), Regina, SK
            Touring exhibition – 2 years
2013    Tradition in Transition. 19th European Patchwork Conference,
            St. Marie-aux-Mines, Alsace, France.
2013   Creativity and Spirituality. Affinity Gallery, SK Craft Council Gallery, Saskatoon, SK
2013   Spring Fever. SAQA Online Exhibition (
2012    Big Bang Theory. MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, SK
2012   Tradition in Transition. 19TH Carrefour Europeen du Patchwork, Ste.
            Marie-aux-Mines, Alsace, France.
2012*   IFQA Exhibition. International Festival of Authors, Markham Arts Council, McKay Arts Centre,
            Unionville, ON
2012   Waterworks. Fibre Art Network. Touring exhibition- 2 yrs.
2012   Out on a Limb. SAQA Online Exhibition (
2012   Seeing with the Heart. SAQA Online Exhibition (
2012   Contemporary Visions of Surface Design: Textile as Painting/Painting as Textile.
            Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA
2012   Visual Stimulation. SAQA Online Exhibition (
2011   All Beings Confluence. Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, AB
            Community based project. Participant and co-ordinator.
            Ongoing touring exhibition across Canada & USA
2011   Pushing The Surface. Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum, Coshocton, Ohio
             in conjunction with Quilt National, 2011
2011    Connected Across the West SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Assoc.)
            Western Canadian Chapter + Sechelt Quilt Festival, Gibson’s Landing, BC
2011   Reflections. SAQA Online Exhibition (
2011   Beauty and Joy. SAQA Online Exhibition (
2011-12   Canadian Connection. Fibre Art Network + Remarkable Symposia,
            Queenstown, New Zealand.
            6 venues in Canada + Festival of Quilts, Houston, TX,USA
2010   Threadworks 2010, Wellington Country Museum, ON
2010   Geophysical, Fibre Art Network, Can. Quilt Assoc. Conference, Calgary, AB
2010   Naked, Carnegie ARt Gallery, Dundas, ON
2010   Hanging By a Thread, Joshua Creek Arts and Heritage Centre, Oakville, ON
2009   The Elements, Fibre Works Gallery, Maderia Park, BC
2009   Common Thread, Oakville Museum, Oakville, ON
2009   beyondWords: BookFest 2009 (*), Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts and Sciences, Loveladies, New Jersey, US           
2009   Hanging By a Thread, Goodhall Gallery, Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, Almonte, ON
2008   Leaf Dancing Light, McIntyre Gallery, Regina, SK
2008   Art of the Book’08, Canadian Book Binding and Book Artists’ Guild (CBBAG),
National Touring Exhibition
2008   Fibre x 5, Seymour Art Gallery, North Vancouver, BC
2008   Fibre Now, 8 Create, Port Moody Arts Centre, Port Moody, BC
2008   Edging Forward, Fibre Art Network, Can. Quilt Assoc. Conference, St. John’s, NL
2008   Canadian Expressions, Fibre Art Network, Assoc. of Pacific Northwest Quilters,
Seattle, Washington, USA
2008   Art Under Cover (*), Toronto Reference Library, Toronto, ON
2007   Xmas Group Show, Scott Gallery, Edmonton, AB
2007   Gala Art Auction, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, SK
2007   Hippie Connections. Connections Fibre Artists, Gallery Lambton, Sarnia, ON
2007   In Concomitance, St. Thomas More Gallery, Univ.of Sask., Saskatoon, SK
2006   Small Works and Exceptions, McIntyre Gallery, Regina, SK
2006   Tete a Tete, Connections Fibre Artists, Wellington County Museum, Fergus, ON
2006   Making Light, Fibre Art Network, FibreEssence Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2006   Illumination, Fibre Art Network, Kariton Gallery, Abbotsford, BC
2006*   Prairie Books (*), Sask. Craft Council Gallery, Saskatoon, SK
2006*   Personal Visions: Engaging with the Book (*), Online exhibition -
2005   Yokohama 2005, 13th International Quilt Week, Patchwork Quilt Tsushin, Yokohama, Japan
2005   Gala Art Auction, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, SK
2005   Connections@HomerWatson, Connections Fibre Artists, Homer Watson
House & Gallery, Kitchener, ON
2004-05   Breaking Tradition: Exhibition of Contemporary Art Quilts. Manitoba Arts Network.
Touring exhibition -13 locations in Manitoba and Saskatchewan
2004   Canadascapes, Laconner Quilt Museum, Laconner, WA, USA
2004   Canadascapes, Canadian Quilt Assoc, Winnipeg, MB
2004   Altered Shapes, Fibre Art Network, Mennonite Heritage Museum, Winnipeg, MB
2003   Art of the Book’03, Can. Book Binders and Book Artists’ Guild (CBBAG),
National Touring Exhibition
2002   Postcards from the Playground (2-person), Front Gallery, Edmonton, AB
2002   Then and Now, McMullen Gallery, Univ. of Alberta Hospitals, Edmonton, AB
2002   FanFare, Fibre Art Network, Alberta Craft Council Gallery, Edmonton, AB
2002   A Common Thread, Chapel Gallery, North Battleford, SK
2001   Flowers in February, McIntyre Gallery, Regina, SK
2000   Flowers in February, McIntyre Gallery, Regina, SK
2000   15th Anniversary Show, McIntyre Gallery, Regina, SK
2000   Speculations, Alberta Craft Council, Edmonton, AB
1999*   Between the Lines (*), Estevan National Exhibition Centre, Estevan, SK
1999   In Context: The Saskatchewan Landscape (2-person), Sask. Craft Gallery, Saskatoon, SK
1998   In Context: The Saskatchewan Landscape (2-person), Devon House Craft Gallery,
Nfld & Labrador Crafts Development Assoc., St. John’s, NFLD
1998   In Context: The Saskatchewan Landscape (2-person), Craft Space Gallery,
Manitoba Craft Council, Winnipeg, MB
1998   Canada, A Cultural Mosaic, Southern Georgia Univ. Museum, Atlanta, Georgia
1997*   Paper Transformations(*), Francis Morrison Gallery, Saskatoon, SK
1996*   Paper Dreams, Passages & Translations (*), Sask. Craft Gallery, Saskatoon, SK
1995   Women’s Work, McIntyre Gallery, Regina, SK
1994*   Bookworks(*), A.K.A. Gallery, Saskatoon, SK
1994   Spring Festival of Quilts’04, Melville & District Quilters Guild Inc, Melville, SK
1993   How Does Your Garden Grow? McIntyre Gallery, Regina,SK
1992   29th Annual Woodlawn Needlework Exhibition, Woodlawn Plantation, Alexandria, Virginia, USA
1989   Rituals & Ritual Objects, Sponsored by Sask. Craft Council (12 venues throughout province)
1989   Artists’ Kites, Rosemont Art Gallery, Regina, SK
1987   Commonwealth Conference Exhibition, Cartwright Gallery, Vancouver, BC
(Dept. of External Affairs)
1987   Celebrating 10, Rosemont Art Gallery, Regina, SK
1986   Saskatchewan Open, Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, SK
1986   On into the Night (2-person), Little Gallery, Prince Albert, SK
1984   What I Did On My Summer Vacation (2-person), Rosemont Art Gallery, Regina, SK
1984   What I Did On My Summer Vacation (2-person), Sask. Craft Council Gallery, Saskatoon, SK
1983   Crafts of the World: Universiade, Sask. Rep, Edmonton, AB
1983   Open Fields, Embroidery Assoc. of Canada, Regina, SK
1982   Dimensions ’82, Sask. Craft Council (Toured province)
1980   Saskatchewan Open, Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, SK


· Saskatchewan Arts Board, Regina, SK (2015, 2013, 2005, 1989)
· University of Regina, Jacquie Schumiacter Collection (2014)
· Lois Hole Hospital, Edmonton, AB (2010)
· The Co-operators Insurance Co., (2007, 2008)
· Saskatchewan Arts Board, Regina, SK (2005, 1989)
· MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, SK (2003)
· SaskPower, Regina, SK (2003)
· Saskatchewan Government Insurance, Regina,SK (2001, 1999, 1998, 1996, 1992)
· Trinity College Chapel, Toronto, ON (1995)
· City of Regina Arts Commission, Regina, SK (1994)
· Knox Metropolitan United Church, Regina, SK (1992)
· Saskatchewan, Alberta & Manitoba Wheat Pools.
· Combined presentation gift to the Canadian Pacific Railroad to commemorate the twinning
of the Rogers Pass. (1990)
· Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Regina, SK (1990)
· Weyburn Arts Council, Weyburn, SK (1990)
· Saskatchewan Science Centre, Regina, SK (1986)
· Government of Saskatchewan
Sask.-Jilin Exchange Program (1984)
Gov't Office Building, Weyburn, SK (1981)

· Global College, University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, MB (2010)
· Bruce Peel Special Collections Library, U.Alberta, Edmonton, AB, (1995)
· Millennium-In-A-Box. Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild, (2000)
   Editions housed in:
   National Library of Canada, Ottawa,ON
   Art Gallery of Ontario Library, Toronto, ON
   Bibliotheque nationale du QB
   Bruce Peel Special Collections Library, U.Alberta, Edmonton, AB
   Grimsby Public Art Gallery, Grimsby, ON
   Killam Library, Dalhousies Univ., Halifax, NS
   MacKimmie Library, Univ. of Calgary, Calgary, AB
   Nova Scotia College of Art and Design Library, Halifax, NS
   Repetoire international du libre d’artiste, Marseille, France
   Thomas Fisher Rare Books Library, Toronto, ON
   Toronto Reference Library, Toronto, ON
   Toronto Waldorf School, Thornhill, ON
   Univ. of British Columbia Library, Vancouver, BC
   Wellesley College Library, Wellesley, Mass., USA
   York Univ. Library, Toronto, ON


· The Vaults: Art from the MacKenzie Art Gallery and the University of Regina Collections.
   University of Regina Press, 2013.
· DAG Volumes: No.1 (2012) Regina Public Library, Regina, SK
· Art Quilt Portfolio: The Natural World. Martha Seligman, ed. Lark Crafts, 2012.
· Getting To know Saskatchewan Lichens. Bernard De Vries, Nature Saskatchewan, 2011 (Cover)
· Celebrating Saskatchewan Artists. Steven Ross Smith, Sask. Arts Alliance, 2006
· Herstory 2006. The Canadian Women’s Calendar, Coteau Books, 2006. (Cover)
· What My Body Knows. Lynda Monahan. Coteau Books, 2003 (Cover)
· Running Barefoot: Women Write the Land. Ed. by Wynne Edwards, Dianne Linden.
· Rowan Books, 2001
· Herstory 2000. The Canadian Women’s Calendar, Coteau Books, 2000.
· Beyond the Horizon: Small Landscape Applique. Valerie Hearder. C&T · Publishing, California, 1995.
· Art of the Spirit, Contemporary Canadian Fabric Art. Helen Bradfield,
· Joan Pringle, Judy Ridout. Dundurn Press, Toronto, 1992.
· The New Machine Embroidery. Joy Clucas. David and Charles Craft Book, London. 1987.
· Fiberarts Design Book III. Kate Mathews, ed. Lark Books, 1987.

· Prairie Postmodern: Episode 11
Dunlop Art Gallery and Access 7 Comunications, 2012.

· Art Sask (
Educational web site sponsored by Heritage Canada.

· Prairie Sentinels.
13 part SCN (Saskatchewan Communication Network) TV Series
Produced by Wolf Sun Productions, 2007. 1 session.

· Art From the Start…with Heather Cline
13 part SCN (Saskatchewan Communication Network) TV series. Produced by Birdsong Communications Inc, 2006. 1 session.

· Surviving as an Artist: Martha Cole
1 hr. video produced by Birdsong Communications, 2003.
Sponsored by CARFAC SK.

· Martha Cole: Expressing the Feminine Within.
Half-hour video produced by Heartland Motion Pictures, Inc., 1997.
Written and Directed by Susan Risk.


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“Panel on artists and activism talk strategy”
by Jim Graham.    Volume 28, no.1,
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“Elevating look at Prairie survivors” by Kristen Linklater. July 9, 2005.
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“A different way of looking at life.” by Jack Anderson. May 23, 2002.
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Star Phoenix. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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