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For many years I have been trying to open and to understand myself in relationship to the whole, to the cosmos, to all “that is” – however corny that may sound. I have been attempting this through the minute study of the physical world in which we live, a study of the ecosystems of which we are a part, and by developing a general sense of “embeddedness” by learning to see everything “in context” and as part of a huge evolving universe. This is the underlying theme of my entire art practice.

As well as the realistic works focussed on the landscape or the detailed “nature” portraits”, I have done a number of more abstract works employing a variety of universal symbols that have been used throughout our history/pre-history and around the world – symbols that have emerged from our subconscious. These works explore a wide range of spiritual beliefs andI have searched for the commonality in all of them.

I have made several series of mandalas. “Mandala” is a Sanskrit word for circle or centre and I use it to refer to any circular imagery. Working in a circle helps people access deep inner resources of knowing. A circular form encompasses the entire continuum from the micro to the macro cosmos – from the centre of an atom, the egg we come from, the planet we live on and the sun we circle to the wide spiralling of the galaxy. Every time I have worked with circles, I have emerged with new levels of understanding and deeper commitments to my work as well as a wider vision of the complexity and interrelatedness of all life.