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Applique Applications

This is a practical, hardworking workshop in which you will make a series of samplers and explore several different approaches to machine applique.  These will include basic applique techniques, use of adhesives, nets, couching techniques, and a variety of methods of edge finishing.  This course will cover traditional techniques as well as more contemporary methods using free-motion machine stitching and adhesives. It will greatly broaden your options when using applique to enhance your sewing on garments, quilts, or contemporary wall hangings.

Length:  2-3 days
Level:  Beginner to Advanced.  Some knowledge of free-motion machine stitching is recommended.

For 2-day workshop - $12.00

For 3-day workshop - $15.00

Supply List

Sewing Machine: Oiled and well cleaned plus all attachments, the machine’s instruction manual and an extension cord.  Some machines have a special plate that’s needed for free-hand machine stitching (e.g. Singer) – make sure you have that if it applies to you. 

***The Darning Foot for your Machine is Essential****

Basic Sewing Kit: It should include extra needles (size 11, denim and/or topstitch), extra bobbins, container of sewing machine oil and brush, scissors (large and small), seam ripper, straight pins.

Threads: “A healthy assortment” of machine sewing threads.  Bring along 1-2 metallic threads and/or rayons.  If you have any novelty yarns and/or a couple of embroidery skeins bring these along also.  Also bring along any machine embroidery threads that you’ve tried to use and have had trouble with!

Fabric: 6 - 12” x12” pieces of medium weight cotton for samplers (can be any color)
• .5 m. paper-backed adhesive (e.g. Heat’n’Bond LITE, Wonder Under, etc.)
• .5 m. heavy weight interfacing or stabilizer (Pellon, Tear Away, etc). Make sure it is NON-ADHESIVE.
• A variety of small fabric scraps for appliqué designs. These should include both patterns and solid colours. Bring some metallics, some sheers /light-weight chiffons/tulle (Only if you have it – don’t buy it specifically for this – I’ll bring along extra)
• Olfa Cutting Board and Cutter
• Pen/notebook

Classroom Requirements:

• Ample workspace for each participant (2/table)
• 2-3 irons and ironing boards
• 2-3 extra tables for supplies, and samplers.
• Communal cutting board, ruler and rotary cutter
• A “teaching space” comprised of a table and demo space for me with an extra set of chairs around it for participants
• An easel with a pad of paper and/or a chalk board for demonstrations
• A sewing machine for demonstration purposes, preferably a Bernina (discuss with instructor)
• A can of 505 Spray Adhesive and paper to protect table surface
• An LCD projector for the "finale" (discuss with instructor)

Instructor Will Provide:

These supplies are “support materials” for those who have brought the wrong items, etc. as well as some specific supplies for certain exercises. 

  • Heat’n’Bond backing adhesive or equivalent
  • Unbleached cotton for backing use
  • Tear-Away Pellon
  • Powdered adhesive
  • Assorted novelty threads and cords
  • Tinsel, sequins, glitter
  • Fine bridal netting and/or chiffon in assorted colors
  • Colored strips of cheesecloth
  • A number of small samplers and demo pieces as well as finished works that use the techniques being learned
  • A CD of my work showing the techniques learned (optional)

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