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Exploring the creative process Workshops

A Day Of Play and Spontaneity

Come with a bag of fabric scraps, lots of different machine threads, your sewing machine and a light heart - and away we go! Bring along another bag of beads, ribbons, bangles and other outrageous things like fake fur, feather boas and reptile skins, buttons and brooches. You define outrageous! I’ll lead you through a series of exercises that will make you giggle, make you gasp, and make you amaze yourself! We’ll “paste”, we’ll cut, we’ll sew ourselves silly, and then we’ll play and cut and paste and sew some more. Who knows what this will look like or where it will lead !?!

Length: 1 day
Leve: Beginner to Advanced. Some knowledge of free-motion stitching is an asset, but not essential.
Materials Fee: $12.00 per participant (Includes a set of Inspiration Cards for further play after the course is over!)

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Working With What You Have

Do you have a stalled art quilt hanging on your studio wall unfinished?    Do you have a cupboard stacked with unfinished UFO’s that you’ve lost interest in?   Are you getting tired of doing yet another kit project but don’t feel confident about being able to create your own original design?  If any of these apply, then this is the course for you!!!

The creative process is an exciting adventure when we know how to approach it.  We ALL have creative potential - the trick is how to develop it!  Sometimes all we need to do is look differently at what is already at hand and put the skills we already have to new uses!  Using any stalled or older “quilts-in-progress” that you have on hand, we will explore ways to transform those images into unique machine-stitched art works.  We will combine, re-combine and assemble what we have with us, using both applique and free-motion embroidery techniques (maybe even some piecing!). 

We will discuss and move through the steps of the creative process while working on our pieces and, by the end, you will understand “how it all works” as well as having a completely original fabric work.

p.s.  If you don’t have any stalled or older “quilts-in-progress”,  check on the Supply List to see what you can bring instead!  Really, this class IS FOR YOU !!!!

Length: 3-5 days
Level: Intermediate with some knowledge of free-motion stitching/quilting
Materials Fee: $15.00 per participant  (This includes a set of  Inspiration Cards for use in future projects)

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Fast Tracking Yourself To New Ideas

This workshop is a fabric-based version of a creativity exercise in which you work quickly and in a series, each piece responding to the one immediately before it. The focus is on each of us being able to define what aspects of quilting/stitching we are most drawn to and how we can augment that to make distinctive pieces. We will work with just our scraps, assembling and re-assembling using a small postcard format. We will create several postcards – each building on the one before it. In this way, we can fast track ourselves into new ways of working. The longer the workshop, the further along the road you’ll be to creating works that are uniquely yours!

Level: Beginner to Advanced. Some experience with doing original fabric work.
Length: 3-5 days

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Mandalas: Working In Circles

“Mandala” is a Sanskrit word for circle or centre and I use it to refer to any circular imagery. When we work in a circle or with circular forms we access deep inner resources of knowing – after all, we were created from an egg and live on a circular planet that revolves around the sun. Mandalas have a long historical and spiritual history – Navaho sand paintings, Buddhist Mandalas (used as mantras), labyrinths worldwide, and, in the West, Rose Windows in large Gothic cathedrals. Carl Jung has also used mandalas extensively in his explorations of the subconscious.

I will bring many, many images of mandalas as well as give a CD presentation to introduce you to all of the circle’s possible forms

We will spend Day One creating circular images in paint to use as starting points for the rest of the workshop. As we work with circles, all the inner resources that they open up in us combine with all the skills we already have in sewing and quilting. We are encouraged to work in new ways and our work moves to new levels that are reflective of each of us as individuals. Depending on how fast you work, it is possible to get several done over the course of the workshop.

Length: 3-5 days
Level: Beginner to Advanced. Some knowledge of free-motion stitching.
Materials Fee: $ 5.00 per participant

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This workshop is aimed at people with a commitment and/or desire to make original art pieces in any medium – be it any of the traditional art media as well as photography, book making, or any of the textile media.

As an artist, once you are beyond basic skill building, it is necessary to become self-directed and to know how to evaluate your work.  Each participant will bring 5 completed pieces of work (preferably on a related theme) and have given some thought to what you like about them and why. 

Participants will be guided through an honest, rigorous, yet self-affirming process to determine strengths, needs, goals and methods to develop a successful creative practice.  This workshop will appeal to emerging artists, as well as seasoned artists who wish to enhance their current practice or change direction.

The workshop is divided into 3 basic sections:

  • “Your Creative DNA” in which you will begin to determine your personal preferences, your strengths, and help you define the techniques and/or subjects that most excite you.
  • “YOU and your Work”  will help you determine your personal criteria and the direction in which you want your work to move.  Other possibilities for discussion here are - How do I get more time in my studio?  How can I control my “Inner Perfectionist”? and other time/management problems that often hinder artists.
  •  “YOU and your Audience” will provide an opportunity for you to begin to see your work with an eye to “moving it out into the world.”   Who am I making my work for?  What do I compare my work to?  How do I determine its worth?  How and where can I exhibit or sell my work?  Do I want feedback or not?  If so, what kind of feedback? 

Over the course of the workshop, you will spend self-reflective time looking at your own work while answering a series of short questionnaires that I have prepared to help quide you to your own personal answers to some of these questions.  Time will also be spent in a relaxed, comfortable circle with the other participants as we discuss issues common to all of us.  By sharing and talking with others who have the same issues, you may find that someone else’s solution will work for you!   

Depending on the length of the workshop and the wishes of the participants, a number of other aspects of the creative process can be explored along with some of the “nuts and bolts” of being a professional artist, such as the preparation of Artist’s Statements, Exhibition Proposals, public presentations of your work, etc.

Level: Persons with a commitment and/or desire to make Art.
Length: 2 – 5 days

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