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Working with what you have

Do you have a stalled art quilt hanging on your studio wall unfinished?    Do you have a cupboard stacked with unfinished UFO’s that you’ve lost interest in?   Are you getting tired of doing yet another kit project but don’t feel confident about being able to create your own original design?  If any of these apply, then this is the course for you!!!

The creative process is an exciting adventure when we know how to approach it.  We ALL have creative potential - the trick is how to develop it!  Sometimes all we need to do is look differently at what is already at hand and put the skills we already have to new uses!  Using any stalled or older “quilts-in-progress” that you have on hand, we will explore ways to transform those images into unique machine-stitched art works.  We will combine, re-combine and assemble what we have with us, using both applique and free-motion embroidery techniques (maybe even some piecing!). 

We will discuss and move through the steps of the creative process while working on our pieces and, by the end, you will understand “how it all works” as well as having a completely original fabric work.

p.s.  If you don’t have any stalled or older “quilts-in-progress”,  check on the Supply List to see what you can bring instead!  Really, this class IS FOR YOU !!!!

For 3-day workshop - $15.00 per participant
For 4-5 day workshop - $20.00 per participant
(Both include a set of Inspiration Cards for use in future projects)

Supply List:

Bring along 2 or 3 “stalled” or incompleted works that you are prepared to radically alter (for the better, of course!)   We'll be discussing different ways to stitch over them using a variety of free-motion machine stitching techniques and/or re-combining them into other applique designs.  If you have some quilt blocks or partial quilts, bring them along too – who knows, this may be a way to get rid of a UFO!!!  (Bring something you think you'd like to work with.... you don't need to know what you will do to them!!!  That's what the workshop is about!!!!)

If you don’t have any “quilts-in-progress”, bring along 2 or 3 pre-printed images that could be used as potential appliqué pieces for larger assembled works (e.g. VIP panels, large floral images in light-weight drapery materials, etc.)  The images should be at lease 2-3” in size.

Bring something you think you'd like to work with.... you don't need to know what you will do to them!!!  That's what the workshop is about!!!!

Fabrics: Assorted pieces of fabrics in coordinated colours (printed or plain) to match your images - include some metallics/shiny/mottled/printed fabrics to add pizzazz!!!  Throw in some “accent” colors.  These fabrics may be used for borders and backings so some pieces should bigger for these purposes. 

Threads: Assorted machine embroidery/polyester/rayon/cotton threads - some metallics and variegated ones, also. Bring LOTS!!!

Sewing Machine: Oiled and cleaned plus all attachments & your instruction booklet and an extension cord.


Basic Sewing Kit: e.g. scissors (large and small), seam ripper, extra needles and bobbins, straight pins, and anything else you think might be useful.

• 1 meter of any paper-backed adhesive (Heat'n'Bond Lite, etc.)
• 1 meter medium-heavy weight interfacing (Tear Away, etc.)
• enough batting for your work (you might actually get it done!)
• Olfa knife, ruler and cutting board (optional)
• Pencil, sketchbook/notebook, eraser
• Masking tape
• Set of coloured pencils

Classroom Requirements:

  • Ample workspace for each participant (2/table)
  • Enough wall space for each participant to view their work vertically  (Important!!!)
  • 2-3 irons and ironing boards
  • Communal cutting board, ruler and rotary cutter
  • 2-3 extra tables for supplies and samplers
  • A “teaching space” comprised of a table and demo space for me with an extra set of chairs around it for participants.
  • An easel with a pad of paper and/or a chalk board for demonstrations
  • 50 sheets of 18" x 24" newsprint or cartridge paper
  • A can of 505 Spray Adhesive and paper to protect the table surface
  • For the 4-5 Day Versions Only:

  • A partial set of Setacolor Transparent Fabric Paints – 250 ml bottles of the following colors:
    (Other brands of fabric paints would be OK)
  •                         13 Buttercup
                            24 Cardinal Red
                            49 Fuschia
                            12 Ultramarine Blue
                            30 Turquoise
                            28 Moss Green
                            19 Black Lake

  • A selection of the Setacolor Metallics and/or Shimmer paints (optional)
  • Support materials for the paints – brushes, containers, table covered with plastic, area to lay flat to let dry, etc.
  • Instructor Will Provide:

  • Sets of coloured pencils, felt pens, oil pastels for class use
  • Extra needles and assorted support materials – Heat’n’Bond Lite, Tear Away, unbleached cotton, sheers in various colours, etc.
  • Handouts
  • Samplers and images for inspiration
  • Print Supply List

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