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Flowers are an ongoing source of beauty in our lives. Using photographs and a combination of mottled fabrics, coloured pencils, free-motion machine appliqué and quilting techniques, participants will translate that beauty into realistic fabric images. Various approaches and composition options will be explored and each participant will end up with a completely original fibre work. The longer the workshop, the more opportunity participants have to complete their artworks. Remember, “flower” can be a verb. Flower !!!

Length: 3-5 days
Level: Beginner to Advanced
MATERIALS FEE: $5.00 per participant

Supply LIst:

Bring 2 or 3 images of flowers.  (Make them as large as you can and try to have most or the entire flower in the photo – try color photocopying to 8.5 x 11”).  Get as clear as possible.  Calendars often have excellent images also.

Sewing Machine: Oiled and cleaned plus all attachments & your instruction booklet and an extension cord. Some machines have a special plate that's needed for free-hand machine stitching (e.g. Singer) - Make sure you have that if it applies to you.


Threads: Cotton, polyester or machine embroidery threads – bring a “wholesome” supply in colors that complement your photos. Add some metallics, rayons and variegated threads if you have them.

Basic Sewing Kit: It should include extra needles (size 11 or 14), extra bobbins, container of sewing machine oil and brush, scissors (large and small), seam ripper, straight pins.

Fabric Supplies: Bring a variety of mottled fabrics that match your photos - possible “flower” colors and a variety of greens. The more irregularly colored cottons (Bali, etc.) that are available in most quilting stores and other “non-repeat pattern” kinds of fabrics are fine. Bring a few metallics and/or shiny fabrics, if you have them. We will be working approx. 12” x 14”, so judge amounts accordingly. You will also need at least ½ m. of a solid colored fabric for borders and backing of the final quilted work.

• .5 metre “Heat’n’Bond Lite or equivalent paper-backed fabric adhesive
• .5 metre heavy-weight non-woven interfacing or stabilizer (e.g. Tear Away)
• .5 metre quilt batting

• Pencil, eraser, sketchbook/notebook
• Set of colored pencils (Prismacolor, etc) (optional)
• Masking tape
• Olfa rotary cutter, ruler and cutting board (optional)

Classroom Requirements:

• Ample workspace for each participant (2/table)
• Enough wall space for each participant to view their work vertically throughout the workshop
• 2-3 irons and ironing boards
• 2-3 extra tables for supplies and samplers
• Communal cutting board, ruler and rotary cutter
• A “teaching space” comprised of a table and demo space for me with an extra set of chairs around it for participants.
• An easel with a pad of paper and/or a chalk board for demonstrations
• Some wall space to pin up examples
• A can of 505 Spray Adhesive and paper to protect the table surface
• A sewing machine for demonstration purposes, preferably a Bernina(discuss with instructor)

Instructor Will Provide:

• Set of photographs that students can use if they wish
• Extra sewing machine needles and assorted support materials such as Heat’n’Bond Lite, medium weight Tear Away, unbleached cotton
• Pad of tracing paper
• Set of colored pencils
• Assorted fabric “bits” for use of students
• Handouts
• Set of samplers and images for inspiration

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